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Strategic Development day

Working with the senior management we develop a master plan (usually to cover the next two or three years) that includes headline business vision, supporting goals and finally detailed objectives and projects to achieve these goals. We are widely experienced in this work and our plans mobilise a whole organisation to the achievement of the plan. Everyone in the organisation is ultimately working with improved clarity and focus and there is invariably improved team working and through this improved output and efficiency.

The steps we take during the day are;

Decided on the vision for the next three years - this might take a couple of hours but we end up with an agreed "vision" such as the Leeds Rhinos vision below which was decided upon in 2007

To deliver consistently successful teams, outstanding value through customer service, profit growth and an Iconic Stadium by 2009" - Leeds Rhinos

We would then work with all of the management team to run a SWOT analysis on existing business. From this analysis we would know what needed to change in order to achieve the "vision" and projects could be developed to achieve this.

Examples of projects needed to be carried out in order for the club to achieve its "vision" - taken from a Football League Club



  1. Internal communication (meetings, shared information)
  2. External communication (press, PR, Website, Newsletters)



  1. Review staff structure
  2. Staff Appraisal and training



  1. Development of charity
  2. Customer contact project
  3. Customer service, stewards, Touch points
  4. Marketing Strategy



  1. Brand Guidelines/ Review
  2. Brand Development & New Stadium



  1. Product assessment
  2. Commercial strategy

Responsibility for each of these projects would be given to a member of staff who would a) create a time line for when changes could take place b) pull together an internal team to deliver the project over a certain period of time