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Club Audit

The Club Audit takes place over two days. During this time we will meet up individually with all of the club's management team to gain an understanding of how the club operates against what is accepted as "best practice" within the industry. The areas we will be focussing on are;

  • Sales Culture - is there an understanding within the business of the "products" that the club has, who wants them and how we can communicate with these people or businesses to actively sell them. Does the club use telesales, email marketing, social marketing or direct mail?
  • Customer Service - Does the business understand the importance of customer service and the value of a customer if you can retain them? Is the customer experience ever considered or the wants and needs of a customer ever spoken about?
  • Data - The development of a data ethos within the business is vital if we want to run an efficient business. If we know who our customers are and what they want from us it is relatively easy to sell to them. If we don't know who they are we have to spend money on finding them before we can sell to them. A data ethos within the business can increase sales and reduce costs.
  • Community Programmes - the aim of a Community Programme is no longer simply to develop the grass roots programme within a club. The Community Programmes are now mainly Charities with health, education, social cohesion and environmental programmes. They are used by the club to not only benefit the community but to sell tickets, to build the club brand, to find new commercial partners for the club and to build the club's reputation.
  • Communication - the club needs an integrated internal and external communication plan.
  • Strategy - with limited resources the club needs to have a focussed and trained staff in order to achieve its goals. Everyone needs to know what their roles are and what they need to achieve. Without a strategy the club will waste time, money and resources.

At the end of the two days we will write a report which will suggest the changes that the club needs to make before it can achieve its goals and work at an optimum level. It will however take into consideration the clubs resources and reflect what is realistically achievable.