Sports Marketing Consultancy

Welcome to Pro-Stream

Pro Stream works with the clubs "team off the field" to optimise their commercial performance. The focus is on the customer, how to find more, how to retain them and how to increase "their spend"

Sporting Clubs have two very distinct teams within the business. They have the one which performs on the weekend and the one which "performs" on a minimum of five days each and every week.

The "team off the field" is similar to the one on the field in that it needs to have skilled individuals who work as part of a team that has good communication skills and that follows a pre arranged strategy with set goals to achieve. The strategy will focus on 1) how to find more customers for all of the products the business has - the club needs to have a sales culture in order to increase sales 2) how to retain customers - the club needs to have customer service, a data culture and a communication plan in order to retain customers 3) existing customers need to be "exploited" - we need to understand the customers wants and needs and to attempt to increase the amount they spend with us.

Pro Stream Ltd provides the clubs with the necessary knowledge and training to enable them to achieve their commercial goals. The areas we focus on are - sales culture, customer service, the Community Programme as a marketing/commercial tool, communication and strategy.